New Nature Microbiology article about The Mouse Intestinal Bacterial Collection (miBC)

The entirety of bacteria in the mouse intestine–the so-called gut microbiota–can have a significant impact on scientific results in the context of the mouse model. But there is still only little known about the precise composition of gut bacteria in mice for a proper assessment of their influence. The composition of the gut microbiota was now comprehensively assessed via a collection of cultivable bacteria: 100 strains were characterized, including fifteen new species. Here, my whole genome sequence-based phylogenomic analyses using the GBDP method were able to provide exciting insights via precise phylogenies including both new and already known species. The strains are included in the new Mouse Intestinal Bacterial Collection (miBC) and are available to scientists via the Leibniz-Institut DMSZ – German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures.

The underlying work was published in Nature Microbiolgy.