Paper on our new Type (Strain) Genome Server published in Nature Communications

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Many years of work have now finally concluded in the publication of our TYGS platform in Nature Communications. Executive summary TYGS, the Type (Strain) Genome Server, is a user-friendly high-throughput web server for genome-based prokaryote taxonomy. Microbial taxonomy needs genome-based analyses but these can be complex and require expert knowledge. TYGS fills this gap. TYGS […]

Launch of VICTOR, the Virus Classification and Tree Building Online Resource

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I’m delighted to announce the launch of our novel web service VICTOR. It allows for the comparison of up to 100 bacterial and archaeal viruses (“phages”) using either their genome or proteome sequences. The results include phylogenomic trees inferred using the Genome-BLAST Distance Phylogeny method (GBDP), with branch support, as well as suggestions for the […]

A number of important studies have been accepted for publication

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A number of highly anticipated works have been accepted in recent weeks. These include (but not limited to): Our very extensive work (Simon et al.) on the phylogenomics of the Rhodobacteraceae which revealed evolutionary adaptation to marine and non-marine habitats A large-scale phylogenomic study (Hahnke et al.) on the genome-based taxonomic classification of Bacteroidetes – […]

PNAS publication on comparative genomics of biotechnologically important yeasts is out now

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The highly diverse Ascomycete yeasts have enormous biotechnological potential. Collectively, these yeasts convert a broad range of substrates into useful compounds, such as ethanol, lipids, and vitamins, and can grow in extremes of temperature, salinity, and pH. We compared 29 yeast genomes with the goal of correlating genetics to useful traits. In one rare species, […]

New Nature Microbiology article about The Mouse Intestinal Bacterial Collection (miBC)

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The entirety of bacteria in the mouse intestine–the so-called gut microbiota–can have a significant impact on scientific results in the context of the mouse model. But there is still only little known about the precise composition of gut bacteria in mice for a proper assessment of their influence. The composition of the gut microbiota was […]

New article about the genomic and genetic diversity within the Pseudomonas fluorescens complex is now published

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We investigated the phylogeny of 93 sequenced strains within the Pseudomonas fluorescens complex using state-of-the-art whole-genome sequence-based methods such as the Genome Blast Distance Phylogeny approach. As a result we divided the P. fluorescens complex into eight phylogenomic groups that agree with previous works based on type strains. Digital DDH (dDDH; identified 69 species […]

Article in BIOspektrum

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I want to draw your attention to one of my recent articles [1] in the well known German BIOspektrum journal. The article was published in the category “Karriere, Köpfe & Konzepte” (i.e., “careers, heads and concepts”) and summarizes our recent work on the E. coli type strain [2] as well as the suite of modern, […]